Fire Sprinkler Demonstration – The Difference Between Life And Death


This is the devastating difference between a room fitted with and without fire sprinklers.

It shows the breathtaking pace at which fire spreads – and the incredible temperatures it reaches.

The video, produced by London Fire Brigade, clearly demonstrates the deadly consequences faced by anyone trapped in a room without fire sprinklers.

More than 500 people die and 1,200 are injured every year as a result of domestic fires in the UK.

Smoke detectors and fire sprinklers would massively reduce those numbers.

This London Fire Brigade video shows the terrifying pace at which spreads – and the dramatic temperatures produced.

The Pace Of Fire

This is the pace in which fire spreads through a typical room and the difference made by fire sprinklers

Room – Without Sprinkler

0 – 60 secs – Fire in a typical room will reach 50°C and producing lethal smoke

3 – 4 mins – The fire is now uncontrolled with temperatures around 900°C

4 mins – Flashover occurs and everything in the room will now be alight with temperatures reaching 1000°C

This fire will spread until firefighters can get to the scene and begin tackling the blaze.

Vulnerable, elderly or incapacitated residents will have little or no chance of escaping.

The difference between a fire in a room with sprinklers is nothing short of breathtaking.

Room – With Sprinkler

0 – 60 secs – Fire in a typical room will reach 50°C – triggering a smoke alarm.

2 mins – With temperatures reaching 60°C to 70°C a single sprinkler closest to the fire opens

Within seconds the fire is suppressed

4 mins – Instead of flashover the smoke is clear, the temperature has been reduced and anyone in the room can escape

Sprinkler FAQs

The video above was created and published by London Fire Brigade.

They are calling for a change in the law and want fire sprinklers retrofitted to high-rise buildings and all new build high-rises properties.

Here London Fire Brigade explain why they want sprinklers installed.

Why should you install sprinklers?

Sprinklers, and other Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFSS), can save lives, homes, and businesses. They provide protection from fire damage and, most importantly, they give people a greater chance of getting out if there is a fire. By reducing the damage and severity of a fire, they can also save money, too.

Who are they good for?

Everybody. Though there are some organisations, groups and property types who could particularly benefit from sprinkler installation.

These include:

  • Schools
  • Care homes or places where people with any mobility issues live
  • Heritage buildings
  • Hospitals
  • The homes of very vulnerable people
  • Specialist housing
  • Residential properties over 18m in height – including student accommodation
  • Hotels, B&Bs and hostels
  • Complex and deep subsurface structures such as basements
  • Large warehouses
  • Firefighters – when we need to enter burning buildings on search and rescue operations, sprinklers significantly reduce the risks to firefighters

How do sprinklers work?

Sprinklers react to heat. When the temperature in a room fitted with a sprinkler reaches 60 – 70 degrees, the sprinkler will spray water across the room and suppress the fire that has caused the rise in temperature.

Did you know?

Sprinklers are triggered one by one where the rise in temperature occurs – they don’t all go off together throughout a building like in the movies!

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