What We Do

Protect24 provide a complete turnkey approach to social housing fire safety.

From concept to completion, our experienced team manage/implement every single part of the process ensuring the most effective fire management solution.

For clients this removes the complex requirement to work with/manage multiple agencies; providing a reassuring presence from start-to-finish for residents.

Customer care is key – we understand the concerns, the needs, the requirements and sensitivities involved in working inside those properties and Protect24 take care of every step of the process.

Servicing & Inspections

If fully maintained, the sprinkler installation will have a lifespan of more than 30 years. On completion, the installation will have a recommended maintenance programme including 6 monthly servicing visits and the training of landlord personnel to carry out monthly visual inspections.

Our mission is to implement our unique, essential and advanced fire safety measures across the social housing sector, on a nationwide scale.

Sprinkler Systems

The most effective, active fire protection measure is the installation of an appropriate sprinkler system. It increases the chances of surviving a fire to 97% compared to smoke alarms at 47%. Design, installation, testing commissioning and certification, along with warranty provision, are all provided by Protect24. Working in conjunction with our installation partners, we have over 20 years’ experience in fitting residential sprinkler systems and we have chosen the most suitable retro-fit solution delivering the most effective protection in the least obtrusive fashion. The system can be isolated per flat, per floor and per zone in the detection and activation of the sprinkler heads. It can be concealed to minimise the aesthetic intrusion and the risk of damage, without affecting performance and it requires minimal maintenance.

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Fire Risk Assessments

It is essential to view the fire safety of a building, those who occupy it and manage it in an holistic manner.

Protect24 sitting alongside our other services, provide a web based Fire Risk Assessment to ensure your buildings are fully aware of what is required to be fully fire safety compliant. This web based system replaces the slow archaic mass paper producing process many organisations use to ensure compliance.

The web based system allows fire risk assessors to compile and update their assessments in real time. This information is immediately stored securely and visible for review and action by individuals immediately.

This paperless process ensures nothing is lost, nothing is missed and all is visible to the parties that need it.

The easy to use action tracker, allows the actions identified within the assessment to be tracked by all parties till they reach their complaint resolution.

Live interaction and easily assessable web based management of all your fire risk assessments will drive compliance quickly and far more efficiently.

Customer Care Management

With over 10 years’ experience in delivering bespoke customer engagement plans for high occupancy construction projects, Protect24 will manage everything from pre-construction correspondence and introductions to post-construction customer satisfaction surveys and reports. Read more for a detail process overview.

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Emergency Fire Boxes

A choice of permanent or temporary Fire Boxes to provide additional and immediate fire protection equipment and safety instructions to residents. Boxes include fire blankets, fire extinguishers, torches along with emergency escape routes and telephone numbers.


The cost of such a nationwide fire sprinkler system retrofit program is the major obstacle. Even following Grenfell, and given the demand from residents for action, Prime Minister Theresa May told Parliament that there would be no Government funding for the retrofitting of sprinklers.

Instead, such decisions, and the financing of such a program, would be down to individual authorities and housing associations. This has created something of a postcode lottery for concerned residents. Protect24 are committed to ensuring that fire protection is available to all social housing residents – and remains free of politicised decisions. That is why Protect24 have introduced a unique funding model to remove this obstacle.

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