Protect24 Multi-Million Stockport Homes Retrofit Sprinkler Contract


The Protect24 consortium have secured a £7 million contract to retrofit fire safety measures to homes in Stockport.

The project will see retrospective fire protection measures installed to hundreds of high rise homes.

Fire sprinklers, high risers and other fire safety measures will be retrospectively fitted to protect residents.

The work has been commissioned by Stockport Homes in the wake of the Grenfell Tragedy two years ago.

They provide accommodation to a mixture of social and private tenants.

Protect24 Managing Director Mark Lyons said: “We are delighted to have been awarded the contract and are looking forward to beginning work.

“Stockport Homes has shown great initiative in deciding to provide retrospective fire measures for their tenants.

“They do not have to but they believe it is something that should be done to provide proper protection.

“Sprinklers save lives and private landlords like Stockport Homes should be commended for deciding that peoples lives come before profits.”


Stockport Homes work tirelessly with residents to provide improved housing conditions and safety is key.

They are constantly working to improve conditions and the devastation of Grenfell highlighted the risks for residents living in high-rise buildings and the issue of fire safety measures.

Now they will begin consulting with residents to explain how the process works, with Protect24 running “Meet The Contractor Days” for residents.

“We have found the Meet The Contractor Days are a great success, we are able to put residents minds at ease,” Mr Lyons added.

“We explain how the works are conducted, show examples of finished products and walk the residents through the process. We are looking forward to starting the project.”

Work will begin on 22 properties owned by Stockport Homes at the end of August and will continue for two years.

Tanks, pumps and infrastructure will be installed before a network of pipework installed internally to communal areas and landings, with sprinkler heads installed in individual properties.

Stockport Homes and Stockport Council have been working closely with Greater Manchester Fire Service to improve fire safety measures.

They have already invested £4.9 million upgraded fire doors, smoke alarms and door closers over the past five years.

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