Protect24 Fire Sprinklers Saved My Mum Life: Daily Mirror Reports

Daily Mirror report how fire sprinklers save pensioners life

Angela Kelly is in no doubt: Fire sprinklers save lives.

She believes that without fire sprinklers should have now been planning her mothers funeral.

Her Mum Eunice, an 82-year-old pensioner, is currently recovering in hospital after a fire at her home in Greater Manchester.

The blaze started in the early hours of the morning leaving her bed-bound mother with little or no chance of escape.

But her flat is protected by fire sprinklers, retrofitted by Protect24, and they extinguished the flames preventing a potential disaster.

She feels the shocking episode highlights the need for all tower blocks to be fitted with sprinkler systems.

She said: “I do feel if it hadn’t of been for the sprinklers the outcome would’ve been very different and I could’ve been organising a funeral now.

“My mum’s bed was directly below one of the sprinkler points, I do feel if it hadn’t of been for the sprinklers the outcome would’ve been very different.

“They served their purpose and reduced the damage that could’ve been caused to my mum and to the damage that could’ve happened in her flat.

“All blocks need sprinklers. That is what saved mum.”


Fire broke out at 03.45 in Mrs Kelly’s ground floor flat at Enfield House in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

The fire was quickly extinguished by the fire sprinkler systems recently installed by Protect24 engineers.

Damage was restricted to the immediate area where the fire broke out and the apartment will be restored quickly and easily.

The fire protection measures were installed by Protect24 as part of a ForVivia £5million fire safety program.

Protect24 Managing Director Mark Lyons, added: “Sprinklers save lives. We believe every high-rise should have them.

“This could have been a disaster. It does not bear thinking about what might have happened had that property not had sprinklers.

“Fortunately Mrs Kelly escaped with minor injuries but it could have been much worse. We wish her a speedy recovery.”

ForViva commissioned the improvement works to 17 tower blocks across the North West following the Grenfell disaster.

ForViva Assets director Mark Lowe said: “This single situation has made the investment worthwhile.”

Firefighters raced to the 10-storey Enfield House in Eccles, Gtr Manchester, at 03.45 on June 8.


Five fire engines from Eccles, Stretford, Sale and Agecroft, along with the turntable ladder from Manchester Central and support from Irlam attended.

Mrs Kelly was found to be suffering from smoke inhalation and burns and was taken to hospital by the ambulance.

Fire crews used four breathing apparatus, one hose reel, a positive pressure ventilation fan, lighting, breaking in gear and trauma care to deal with the incident.

Hours later fire at a housing block in Barking resulted in the total destruction of 20 apartments with damage to a further 10 properties.

Fire spread from an outside balcony over six floors of the De Pass Gardens tower block.

Mrs Kelly’s fire sprinkler rescue made national headlines with The Mirror speaking exclusively to Mrs Barton. Read The Mirror coverage by clicking this link.

The Mirror launched its Grenfell: Never Again campaign in June, two years on from the fire that killed 72 in West London.

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